Thursday, March 6, 2014

::birthday eve::

when asked what he wanted for his birthday, crosby has repeatedly said "all the toys.  and a balloon."

when pressed what he meant specifically by "all the toys" he would just become increasingly frustrated and yell "all the TOYS!" louder and louder.  so, since that was not too specific, we've taken a guess on his birthday gifts for tomorrow.  he may or may not be disappointed when he realizes he is not getting ALL the toys.

being the great aunt and uncles that they are, whit, duke & sam had a huge balloon shipped here and it arrived fully inflated in all it's glory.  cros was pumped.

it's super lame, but i'm actually a little bit phobic of balloons...they pop in your face, pose choking and strangulation hazards and somehow overwhelm me when i try to get them in the car.  so, i don't think i've ever purchased a balloon for one of my kids.  he couldn't believe he owned his own!  he was such a happy kid on his birthday eve!  and the box of course, was a huge plus!

thanks, whit, duke & sam!

sweet boy.  we are so excited to celebrate you tomorrow!  

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