Friday, March 7, 2014

::crosby dunkin::


happy happy 3rd birthday!  (or as you say, "thumb holds pinkie down and that makes three!")

i can hardly believe you are three years old today.  and yet, i can't believe that you are only three.

 this is your first birthday that your pregnancy and birth do not seem so raw and traumatic.  this birthday i enter into celebrating you without reliving the pain and fear of your pregnancy nearly so much.  it is starting to feel more distant.  and like something that is in our past, but does not define our family.  and i praise the Lord for that!

you have grown and changed SO much in this past year.  you have gone from seeming like a little boy, to a big boy.  you moved out of your crib, wear underwear and are positive you can do all things independently.  you keep our family laughing and on our toes.  your spunk and determination are such and intricate part of who you are.

it has been amazing to see you become a big brother.  you love your sweet "dewwa may" so very much and she adores you.  for as rough and feisty as you can be at times, you are so tender and loving to her.  and it warms my heart to it's core.

you are such a blessing to our family.  there is not a day that passes that i am not reminded of the Lord's faithfulness to our family in giving us you.  you are such a miracle, such an inspiration and so much fun!

happy 3rd birthday, crosby d!  we adore you!!!

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Whitney Biber said...

happy birthday crosby!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him so much!