Tuesday, April 8, 2014

::atlanta spring break::

whit, duke & sam hosted us this past week in atlanta for lily's spring break.

it was perfection.  the weather was just right, the activities were wonderfully planned for both adults and kids (thanks, whit!), and the company was amazing.  

we soaked up every minute of it together.
at one point, lily declared that "time with family is waaaay better than disney world!" and my heart soared. (note that she has never been to disney world) :) 

thank you whit, duke & sam for hosting us!  we love you so!

we went to an amazing goat farm at an old cotton mill.  we were all intrigued and perplexed by this gem of a place in the heart of the city.  it was so cool!

duke and sam live steps away from piedmont park.  we spent lots of time feeding the ducks, playing, walking and running there.

the aquarium was unreal.  the kids were in awe the entire time and i loved seeing the delight and wonder in their eyes.

a wonderful birthday celebration for these three!