Tuesday, April 8, 2014


we have been blessed with a whirlwind of activity around these parts.

it has been awesome and busy.  and here's a quick recap of the last few weeks...

kathy came to visit.

it was oh so dreary while she was here, but she showered the kids in lots of love and it made for a perfect visit.
it was wonderful to catch up, have lots of time to relax and have her be a part of our weekly routine.  

the kids soaked up every minute of it!

the weather is finally becoming lovely and this little guy would spend every minute outside if it were up to him.  he has dug quite a few holes in the backyard and is so proud of himself!

ry and i got to run the 10 miler together and it was such a treat. 
gone are the days of our daily runs together.  so, it felt so special to have the 10 miles side by side.
the c'ville 10 miler has got to be one of my favorite races.  it is a great course, is a perfect distance to run hard but not have to train too hard, and has great crowd support.
at one point, we ran by a church with a band outside playing for us...i started to get all teary as i felt such gratitude for our strong bodies that were carrying us side by side, for this beautiful town we live in, and for the amazing grace of the Lord.  
it was a perfect start to the weekend.
(and we did not intend to dress alike...i was in orange first!) :)

lily has been taking a few horseback lessons and we have been afforded the opportunity to hang out on a beautiful farm while she rides.  our boys are really timid around animals and we have been working hard to choose bravery.  we had major breakthroughs at her last lesson!

so thankful that spring is upon us and for this beautiful time of year!

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