Thursday, June 5, 2014

::della may::

sweet della.

how can you possibly be one today?

i truly feel like it was only yesterday that we were packing up our texas house and i was thinking each day that "this would be the day we'd meet our new baby!"

this year has been such a gift.

finding out we were pregnant with you was such a joy and a beautiful blessing and miracle.
being able to carry you to term and have such a healthy pregnancy was such an answered prayer.
meeting you on june 5th, 2014 and finding out we were adding a beautiful girl to our family made me weep with joy.
and every day of your first year of life has been precious to me.

i often feel like there are downfalls to being the 4th child.
i don't sit on the floor all day with you and play, like i did with lily.
some days are full from start to finish and you spend more time in your carseat than i would desire.
and of course some days there are more tantrums or arguments among your siblings than i wish you would have to endure.

but, there are such gifts to being the 4th, too.
your siblings adore you and will literally do anything to make you happy.
you always have a companion by your side to shower you in love.
and if there is one thing i have learned by now, it is that in almost every moment of mothering, there is something beautiful to treasure.
even in changing a dirty diaper, your sweet giggles flood my heart.

i feel like in this year i have tried to slow down and breathe in these glorious moments with you, may may.  i know your infancy is fleeting and i am hesitant to see it pass by.

but, i LOVE the little girl you are becoming.  you are precious and spunky and sweet and an absolute joy in our family.

della may, happy first birthday.

we praise the Lord for you each and every day.