Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ashley elizabeth guzman!

my sister is no longer a biber! ash had the most beautiful wedding on saturday and it was an amazing week! she was breathtaking and i think she and jose loved every minute of it! sadly, i didn't get a ton of pictures of the actual wedding, but here's a snapshot of the week...

gallons of arnold palmer consumed...

getting ready for the rehearsal

big dave getting ready to give her away!

duke practicing for the wedding

so, this is sideways because i am not technologically savvy, but i just thought duke was too cute not to post!

ash's friend anne!


duke and steph

my dad getting a little emotional at the rehearsal!

rehearsal dinner down on the beach

jose's mom doing ash's hair

sammy learning how to tie a bowtie

the big day!

the newlyweds!!

brandon and ry getting down!

bon voyage ash and jose!!

and we thought we'd leave you with a ridiculous 3 second glance of how my family and ryan's act when we all get together...

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