Sunday, July 27, 2008

cooking is very serious business...

one of lily's favorite things to do right now is stir. whether it is something we are cooking or just a plate of peas, according to her, everything deserves a good stir. and one of my favorite things about her right now is that she calls herself "ninnie." "l's" don't come easy for our poor child with two of them in her name. but, it doesn't seem to stop her from constantly telling you what "ninnie" is doing as she does it. anyway, she takes her stirring very seriously and i just thought she was too cute as she stirred and stirred with much determination. (and she was sure we were making a smoothie, not zucchini bread!)
ps. i promise to stop posting videos, but she just cracks me up recently!!


whitney biber said...

ah. Courtney. You know I love (love love...) the videos. It just leaves me wanting more!

ps: can i get in on that smoothie?

Katie and Adam said...

Love the videos. I might need a quick lesson in how to post them. Love em.