Tuesday, July 22, 2008

generations to come...

i remember learning the saying "there is no such thing as a free lunch" back in high school econ and i remember being somewhat taken aback by that statement. i remember thinking, "i can prove that statement wrong. there are free things in this world. out of the goodness of people's hearts, there can be things given away for free." well, sadly, as i've entered into adulthood and we have bills galore, i would mostly agree with the TINSTAAFL statement. as our grocery bill seems to be rising and riding a bike all the way to indy seems more appealing than taking the car, money seems to dwindle.
however, i have good news to report! no, not a free lunch, but i did just receive something in the mail for absolutely no cost to us! somehow, i ended up on the seventh generation website a few weeks ago and noticed that they have a "get out of hot water" pledge you can take. anyway, you agree to stop washing clothes in hot water to save a dime or two for yourself and also to take a small step to do something good for the environment. about 90% of the energy used in washing clothes is just in the heating of the water. and the average american household can save up to $70 a year by washing in cold. anyway, i decided this sounded like a great strategy not only for our pockets, but for the earth. (and i pledged to wash our clothes in cold... NOT lily's diapers!) anyway, a simple click of a button and i have since been washing in cold. and what did i just receive in the mail for free? a book called naturally clean that is all about cleaning your home naturally and safely. this is something i am working so hard to do, but still have much room for improvement! anyway, kudos to seventh generation for providing something that is not only free but can have a great impact for generations to come.

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whitney biber said...

Don't worry Court, you don't have to wash lily's diapers in hot water because I KNOW you are secretly using disposable diapers. Just kidding! You're so environmentally savvy.