Friday, August 15, 2008

child that i adore...

most parents would rejoice. a toddler who doesn't like to be dirty? what could be better? but, i guess i am not most parents and lily is not most toddlers.

now, i will be the first to admit that i am a tidy person (ryan would probably say that is putting it lightly). more than anything, i am not a woman of clutter. things don't necessarily have to be spic n' span, but they do need to be in their place. so, i will take full responsibility for lily's desire to keep things clean.

but, really, she is taking it to a new extreme. she has been known to freak out recently when her hands get dirty while eating (what parent tries to make their kids lick their hands??) and she will quickly say "shoes off" when we enter the house. (i know, i know... what have i done???) so, in a quest to make her more comfortable with all things messy, we've embarked upon a few activies today:

1) we have a new sand and water table - huge hit!
2) we fingerpainted. ok, i will rephrase that, i fingerpainted. - she loved watching. wasn't thrilled with actually doing it.
3) we made playdough (or at least the homemade equivalent that only kind of resembled it. it ended up looking too much like real dough i guess as lily tried on multiple occasions to eat it even though it must have been disgustingly salty!) and played with it. - again, huge hit!
so, 2 for 3 today. i'll keep trying.
i'll tell you what, parenting sure is the most beautiful, challenging, and overwhelming job.

on a very positive note, there are two fawns and a doe that have loved spending their afternoons in our yard and lily LOVES them!!

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Ashley said...

Holy cow! She looks more like you every day. And, really, are you surprised about her distaste for all things messy?