Monday, August 25, 2008

lily sends you well wishes, sammy...

for the last three weeks, lily has been obsessed with the book "alice the fairy" that my sister ashley sent her for her half birthday. we have religiously read it a minimum of three times a day and she has actually memorized lines to it. i have tried to slip in a different book at bedtime, but alas, she is too quick for me. i can be no more than a page into the said book and she is reaching for her basket saying "a-ice, a-ice" over and over.
now, we talk about our siblings all the time with lily and she brings them all up daily. but, she would have had no way of knowing that today whit, duke, and sam were all moving to IU.
however, it was as if she knew...
before her afternoon nap today, alice took a backseat to the book "let's go hoosiers" that brandon gave her before she was born. we've read this book many a time, but it has never been dubbed "the" book of the day or week or month... until today. suddenly, she couldn't get enough of aimee aryal's tribute to IU. it's a story of two "little hoosiers" that find themselves walking all over campus and everyone cheers them along by saying, "let's go hoosiers!" as they make their way to every landmark on campus.
well, we've already read it a handful of times this afternoon and it has found its place in lily's heart. and tonight as i put lily in her crib and told her i loved her, she replied "let's go hoosiers!"
that ones for you, sammy!
best wishes to you, brandon, whit, duke and sam as you head down to bloomington!!

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Katie and Adam said...

Yessss! Smart girl. That's what uncles are for. Way to go boys.