Monday, August 4, 2008


we have been amazingly blessed with the childcare we have had for lily over the last year and a half. we have had two awesome women who have cared for her and we have been abundantly thankful for each of them. due to various circumstances, we have found ourselves yet again having to change our childcare.
when lily was born, we put her name on a waiting list at the UVA medical childcare facility. it took 17 months for her to be accepted. so, at this crossroad of us needing childcare and lily being accepted there, we have decided to try sending her there. it has been an agonizing decision for us and one that has brought on a lot of anxiety and heartache for both ryan and i. we have spoken with several of ryan's collegues who send their children there and they have had only good things to say about the facility. yet, somehow my heart still aches as we get ready to send lily to "school" (yes, we are calling it "school," not "daycare"... it makes my heart less sick this way!) we are so thankful that i am able to work part time and we know so many people have to make the heartbreaking drop off each and every day of the week. yet, in our little family, this is still a big transition.
so, as lily starts school tomorrow, we'd love for you to join us in praying for her big day. we are especially praying that she would know our unconditional love for her every second that we are apart. and we pray that ryan and i would feel confident in our decision... whether that is to keep her there or that we would be clear if it is not the right decision for our family. i have been so thankful to have had this last year and a half to shelter her and provide her with my attention and we pray that she would not be overwhelmed by the kids tomorrow and that it could be a smooth transition for her.
thank you to all of you who support us and we are so thankful for your prayers. thank you!


Katie and Adam said...

Lily is so blessed to have such amazing and loving parents that are so concerned about what many parents do without consideration. You guys are so wonderful - I have no doubt that she knows and feels every ounce of your love for her and that won't change a bit tomorrow. We will be praying for her... and for you guys. We love you. - A&K

Josie Minks said...

Hey Court! How did it go? The first day? I'm sure so hard as a parent. You are so brave. HOpe you are doing well. Love and miss you!