Saturday, September 27, 2008

an aussie holiday

i got an exciting email this past week from my friend, amy ruth, who was my bunkmate when i was on the mercy ship. she has been traveling the globe for the last 7 months and she is currently in the states. she got in touch with me to tell me that she could come down to visit for the afternoon and i was thrilled! she is incredibly inspiring - not only is her personality inspiring, but her faith is very inspiring as well. she is from australia and has one last month of travel here before heading back home. i was so honored that she made the trip down and spent the afternoon with us. her stories are unbelievable and i could listen to her talk in her wonderful accent all day long!

thank you so much for coming to visit, amy ruth! it was wonderful to see you! hopefully next time we meet it will be vacationing on your soil!

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