Sunday, September 14, 2008

i think this means we are really adults now...


that word would have accurately described all three of our husbands prior to the event.

a direct quote from ryan, "a yard sale opens your home up to being robbed."
yes, i quite agree... when people see the shrunken sweater and mildew-y pillows we are trying to sell, they will think to themselves, "i am sure they have lots of other great finds we should come back for in the still of the night!"

but, ryan wasn't alone in his dislike of the idea. i am pretty sure all three men said things like, "we'd get a bigger tax write off if we donate all of this junk." or "you are only going to make about $10 total."

well, i am now a firm believer in the statement, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." we made about $800 and katy, becca and i all have a much more organized and empty home thanks to the yard sale we held yesterday. and i think we would all agree that while the profit was nice, it was just a lot of fun and it was so nice to clear out our homes.

but, before you head off to have your own yard sale, let me warn you, those early birds aren't kidding around! we had advertised to start our sale at 8am and prior to 7am, as i was hauling loads and loads up, we had already had four customers! i'll tell you what, some people take their rummaging for treasures VERY seriously!

but, by and large, the day was a huge success and in the end, all three husbands pitched in... and i think if you asked them, they'd even tell you that they had a good time, too!

these pictures are nearing the end of the sale when our goods were quite picked over... initially the yard was so full you could hardly walk through!

thanks, becca and katy!!

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