Wednesday, September 24, 2008


my dear sister whitney has been telling me over and over how i need to make a "vision board." it is a board that you put pictures on or write dreams and goals on and apparently after putting it down in print, the likelihood of you successfully achieving this goal is increased. whit's boyfriend, jim, swears by the board. and rumor has it that even nastia liukin had a board - and it seems it did her some good, right?

anyway, i bring this up because prior to my birthday, i told ryan that i wanted to write down life goals together that we have individually and as a family (apparently i was feeling quite inspired on this particular day!) anyway, my husband is a man of many lists, and i should have known that he was a step ahead of me. he told me he would oblige, but that he already had his own "vision board" on a piece of paper in his wallet. life got busy, ryan was on call, and things got in the way and we did not get around to it.

i tell you all of this because my husband is wonderful. wonderful. i had hoped to discuss our visions together due to somewhat selfish desires. my wish was that if i told him what i dreamed of, he would jump on board with me and help these dreams become a reality. well, when my birthday rolled around, it was as if ryan and my vision board had gotten together and planned it all out.

one of my deepest desires is that ryan and i and our family would be able to serve on the mercy ship very regularly once he is done with residency. i would LOVE to be able to go for a month each summer as our family gets older. ryan could operate, i could work in the OR and our children would get the most rich cultural experiences possible. well, the first gift i received from ryan was a book on the mercy ships. beautiful. how well done, ryan.

a second desire that i have is a bit embarrassing. anyone who knows me well would be able to tell you that being graceful or flexible are not two of my stronger traits. (although as a child i was sure i was a star ballerina!) however, i truly hope that one day i could be a yoga instructor. i have loved the classes i have taken and while i am definitely still a novice, i hope that one day i will be more than that. i have even looked into yoga schools here in virginia. well, my very sweet husband got me a new bag for my yoga mat that is rockin. and his brothers got me an awesome new mat that is SO plush in comparison to my tattered old one. AND, ryan signed me up for a semester of yoga classes! ALL of this without ryan and i discussing this goal of mine! two nights ago i attended my first class and i felt so spoiled as i headed out alone to enjoy and hour and a half of teaching. (and nervous as there is always a high likelihood that i will make a fool of myself!) but, it was wonderful. i left the class a bit more stretched out and certainly a bit more peaceful. thank you so much, ryan. you are amazing and so very good to me.

maybe i don't need a vision board afterall. what do you think, whit? does posting it online for all to read help you reach your dreams?...


Jim said...

whit left out a very very important part. once it's on the board, you HAVE TO think positively about it. you have to be sure it will happen if you put your mind to it. otherwise, it's just letters on a board.

the hammocks said...

how exciting courtney!! i think you will make a wonderful yoga instructor!! i can't wait to take a class :)