Saturday, May 16, 2009


9 may '09 was a big day for our families. whit, brandon and colin all graduated at the same time...literally. we were very excited to get to share in the festivities, although we had to divide and conquer to make the most of it. but, we are so excited for all three of them as they begin this huge new chapter in their lives. congrats, twigs, b and col!!

colin accepting an award for anesthesia! (look on big screen to see him!)

it was not only a big day for our siblings, but for lily as well... her first visit to assembly hall! she could be found saying "go hoosiers!" all day long! (and ry could be heard saying, "lily, do you think you'd want to go to school here one day??")

i mean, you can see brandon, right? he was just to the right of the jumbo-tron.

she could not have been happier than to run up and down these ramps!

we are so proud of you guys. we love you so much. congrats!

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