Saturday, May 16, 2009

it makes our museum pale in comparision!

i was completely negligent in capturing anything on film while we were home. anything except for lily's first trip to the children's museum. the place is unreal. she actually RAN through the entire museum because she could hardly contain her excitement. it was awesome. (i think it brought out the kid in all of us!)

i remember always feeling a mix of excitement and a bit of fear (which i would NEVER have admitted to) in my childhood over this carousel. so, i wasn't so sure how lily would feel about it. well, as soon as the music stopped, i think she knew in her gut that the ride was about to end. she immediately looked at whit and with hope in her voice said, "maybe music come back on??" love accurately describes her emotions towards the experience!

after we realized how much she loved the carousel, we thought we'd save the 99 cents and see if a penny ride on the bucking bronco would appease her. well, buck it did... and it could not begin to take the place of the carousel...

so, being the truly amazing grandparent that muffy is, she of course, sprung for one more ride before we had to leave.
and yes, we did leave with lily in tears. it is just so hard to leave such a magical place! :)

thanks for a wonderful time at home to both of our families. we miss you dearly already!!

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