Saturday, May 16, 2009

to be continued...

what started as a dream, came to fruition this spring. ry and both his brothers and mine had been planning the england-soccer-extravaganza trip for quite a while. and somehow, they actually pulled it off with all of their schedules and busy lives. so, these are the before pictures...

5 boys, going to england to do all things soccer. no women allowed. only a small backpack each. clearly not enough clean clothes for the duration. dozens of powerbars. lots of bank accounts with not a lot of cash. lots of reasons to celebrate between the five of them. and a great passion for soccer.

somehow, i have a feeling that when they all return tomorrow, none will look quite so fresh. hilarious stories will follow, probably many of which will remain sealed between the five of them. and memories that will last a lifetime will have been created.

(do note duke's "murse.")

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