Saturday, December 5, 2009


it is amazing how the same two parents can create two children who are so wonderfully different from one another.

it has been evident from day one that finn's temperament is vastly different from lily's...and we are so thankful for their uniqueness from each other.

lily was pretty much gangbusters from the start when her opinion was involved (or when her opinion was not involved, but she wished it was) and she has added spunk to our lives in so many ways. and finn has chosen to be much more laid back about life in general (except when food is involved!)

and so it should come as no shock that lily rolled in both directions with gusto on her 4 month birthday. and the chief has chosen the more relaxed he is now over 5 months old, he has decided it might be time to try to roll over at least in pursuit of his beloved thumb (as lily loves to say, "look mom! he is stucking on his thumbkin!") so congrats, finn, on rolling for the 1st time!

and of course, for your 1st snow!!

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the hammocks said...

great picture. is that snow?!?! congrats to mr. finn!!