Thursday, December 24, 2009

::peace on earth::

we celebrated christmas a day early here because ryan is on call tomorrow. and while anyone who knows me well knows i really really don't like to celebrate things early, it turned out to be just perfect.

ry got home from rounding just as lily and finn were waking up. we had lily wait in her room with her very own cup of hot chocolate and then she bounded out into the living room at just the right time. she is at a very sweet age for christmas and it was a very special day. she made sure that baby jesus joined us for the entire day and loved "helping" us all open every last gift.

our hearts are certainly longing for our families tonight and wishing we could have been a part of the biber-smith-monopolization-of-three-rows-in-church process that occurs so lovingly each christmas eve. and it was hard to know we were missing brandon and sam acting like two year olds through the entire service. but, it was such a sweet day as a family of four and tonight as the church was dark and we were all holding candles, it seemed just perfect... especially since we know we get to be with our families in just a few short days.

so, from our house to yours, we wish you love, happiness, truth and peace this christmas.


whitney biber said...

i'd like to have some of that special drink lily has. it looks really (really) good

Ashley Guzman said...

We LOVE these pics of the kids. They are so precious and getting so big! Lily's face is priceless...ah, Christmas joy.