Thursday, December 24, 2009

the snorks...

remember the snorks?

yeah, i only kinda' remember them, too. but, the one thing that is clear in my mind is the way that little snorkle-thing on the tops of their heads bent to the side.

well, that is the way finn's hair has been looking as of late. we would have two options with his hair:
1) comb over that would pop up in the back due to a wicked cowlick.
2) mowhawk that would fold over like the snorks.
both of which were terrible.
it's been a good thing it's been hat season.

anyway, our little guy got a hair cut years before his big sister...seriously, her hair has still not been cut.

i'm not sure that it looks any better, but at least he doesn't look like a snork anymore.

1 comment:

Ashley Guzman said...

I love the snork style. The snorks remind me of being at Boba's house.