Saturday, January 30, 2010


thank you so much to everyone who made lily feel so very special on her 3rd birthday.

she had a great day and was showered in love by you all.

thank you.

to kick off lily's morning, we had coffee cake with a candle in it. i guess i must have confused her a bit because i sang happy birthday to her before she ate it. then, for lunch and dinner (at mellow mushroom) she was adamant that our prayer before each meal be "happy birthday" sung of course with her hands together, head bowed and eyes closed. love it.

and after a whole year of being "two," she had a little trouble remembering exactly how old she was! :)

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Lisa Henry Smith Photography LLC said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!! The (other) Smiths love you and wish you a happy happy year 3!!! (Sorry we're a day late!)