Thursday, January 7, 2010


the ladies at jo-ann fabrics intimidate me.
i am really intimidated by them.

i am absolutely clueless about all things sewing and such, as my last real experience in this realm was in 7th grade home-ec with mrs. hart.

however, i REALLY want to learn how to sew and be all domestic.

my dear friend kristi gave me an old sewing machine years back and i have been fruitlessly trying to learn how to sew on it. on one occasion, i took it into jo-ann fabrics and asked if they might be able to help me. the woman behind the counter laughed a little laugh and told me it was not worth my time. but, i was not deterred. i spent many an afternoon trying to figure the thing out. however, i was all confused by bobbins and thread and little pieces that remained unrecognizable to me.

much to my excitement, this christmas, my mom and dad and kath gave me a beautiful new sewing machine complete with beginners manual!! i am really excited and i hope that i will make them proud with my creations.

but... owning a sewing machine necessitates a trip to jo-ann fabrics. i am not one who is ashamed to admit that i do not know something. but, for some reason, admitting that i know nothing about sewing seems to cry out that i am not the housewife i wish i was. i have no problem admitting to a mechanic i know nothing about cars, or to the computer guy on the other end of the line that i don't understand the words he is using. but, admitting that i don't even know what kind of thread i should buy makes me flush immediately.

so, last night, i walked into the fabric store and fumbled my way around for quite some time. i let my ego get the best of me and felt too foolish to ask for help. i tried to check out with a product that you can't actually buy in it's entirety and again felt a fool. but, i was determined i could do it. i made it home and realized i was missing several key sewing items. but, i wasn't going to let that stop me!

so, here they are in all their glory.
two simple little cloth napkins.
please don't look too hard because they really are quite ugly!
but somehow i find them beautiful.


Ashley Guzman said...

I like the fabric! I took my sewing machine out of the box...good progress!

whitney biber said...

they're so beautiful! i cannot wait for you to make me a dress

the hammocks said...

you make me laugh!! i'm so glad you got an updated machine because that old one intimidated me too. i would sit down and look at it and think it was already judging me before i even had my fabric set!! your napkins are beautiful. you have inspired me to dust off my sewing machine...or at least consider dusting it off...maybe! :)

Jim said...

Oh my gosh, Court. You make it look SEW easy!

Ashley Guzman said... just couldn't help yourself, could you?

jlwiley said...

I love your napkins! My mom was a true seamstress - she taught sewing and home economics for like 30 years. She made my clothes, doll cloths, my kids cloths. I can't make a napkin. You could even wear yours as a sarong! You should be proud of your masterpieces! Have fun! Love and miss you, xoxox to you and all of your family! Jana