Sunday, January 24, 2010

small successes...

i did it. i created something with my own two hands (ok, so actually, a sewing machine did the bulk of the work, but my hands were involved.)

both have some major flaws (ie. up lily's rear it says, "fabric created especially for jo-ann fabrics"...oops...i sewed the skirt inside out and didn't think to flip it right side out to check on progress until the end! lesson learned!) but, despite the imperfections, i am pretty excited. hopefully i will keep on learning.

so, thanks, mom, dad and kathy for a great christmas gift! (i'll repay you with "lovely" items created from home!)


whitney biber said...

sew cute!


Lisa Henry Smith Photography LLC said...

i'm so impressed!!! nice work!! (ps i just got around to finally buying a spool of thread!)