Friday, July 30, 2010


happy birthday, ash!!!

i love this day so much. for so many reasons...

i love that we get to celebrate you! i love that you are SO much fun to shop for and i always have a hard time stopping myself when it comes to your birthday gifts.

and i love that for several weeks we are only one year apart. (almost as much as i dislike the several weeks when sam and i are eleven years me turning 30 and sam still being 19!!) i don't know why i love it so much, but it makes me so happy to have only one year separate us. i know the numbers are just numbers, but i cherish this gap of time between the end of july and september!

ash, your friendship and sisterhood is such a gift. i have loved sharing the journey of motherhood with you and i look forward to all of the years ahead of us.

we love you so much!

happy birthday!!

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Ashley Guzman said...

Aw...thanks for such a wonderful birthday! Love you so much!