Thursday, July 8, 2010


over our home owning years, i have had a major dilemma.

and that dilemma has revolved around cleaning our floors.

i have been through 4 different mops and i feel like all i have done is push around dirty water, various floor cleaning chemicals, or germs. and i never feel satisfied after finishing that the job has been done well.

i keep buying new mop heads, new mops, or new products thinking, "this is finally going to be it! my key to shining floors!"

well, 6 years later, i think i finally have found a solution for our home.

enter the eureka enviro steamer mop.

it's great guys. check it out...

it works on the premise of creating really hot steam (220 degrees) to work the grime and dirt off of your floors. no more soap. no more chemicals. no pads or refills. just pure clean steam. it heats up in just a few minutes with nothing but water and you are able to quickly steam clean almost any hard floor in your home.

it comes with two reusable pads that you throw in the washer after you've used them. it has a large enough capacity for me to only fill it once and do our entire upstairs (which, granted, isn't that large, but still!) and it constantly emits steam. for really caked on areas, you can just hold it over the spot for several seconds and it lifts right off. i must say, i am impressed.

we have had the steamer for several weeks now and i am sold. it is far and away better than any mop i've ever had. and i love that i don't have to buy anything additional for it and it is not harming the environment. it was expensive (i found it for $69), but let's be honest...i've put more money than that into my combined costs of our previous mopping efforts. and i think this one will finally be around for good.

my floors aren't exactly shining, but that is not due to the mop...just my two sweet little ones running around all day long. but, i finally feel like they are clean. at least until the next meal!

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Ashley Guzman said...

This might have to be added to my birthday list!