Wednesday, July 7, 2010

::a little 4th love::

we are truly in the heat of summer over here, but it felt great and very appropriate for the 4th of july.

ry was off in chicago for colin's bachelor party (no pictures of that to follow...)

but, thankfully for the kids and i, whit came to visit!

it was wonderful to have her in town. we did all things summer and lily and finn enjoyed every minute of her being here. lily was truly her shadow and allowed her no privacy and even begged to make the long drive to the airport and back just to be with her. we were all glad she was here!

thanks so much for celebrating with us, whit!

and on a completely different note, i made a really simple and easy gift for finn for his birthday.

i made a homemade version of an activity book after seeing how much he and lily loved a really little one we have. i was able to use scraps and old items from around the house, so it was free, which made it even better! it is nothing fancy and has some flaws, but they don't care! i would recommend it if you are looking for a project!

i am hoping it might come in handy for our upcoming indiana trips...
best wishes, right? :)

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