Wednesday, November 10, 2010

::home sweet home::

i have been working on a project for several weeks now for my kids for christmas.

as with many of my projects, it didn't turn out quite as beautifully as i had envisioned, but luckily, lily and finn aren't too picky!

my sweet ones are happiest when playing in a fort of any kind...under the table, under cushions, under a tree...just that feeling of a shared secret and safety.

however, many of their forts are quite elaborate and often destroyed within minutes by the chief. 

enter, the table tent...

i made a little house that can be quickly thrown over our kitchen table to provide a sweet hideaway for lily and finn.  many parts come off and can be interchanged.  and i am hoping to add more as the time goes on (if they enjoy it!) 

i am very excited to give this to them for christmas!  (maybe i ought to iron it first?)

 the garden


Lisa Henry Smith Photography LLC said...

Courtney! This is brilliant!!!

Topher said...

That knocked my socks off. Now I'm hoping that I get one for Christmas!

the hammocks said...

so cute!! i love the veggies!!