Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what are the odds?

tonight, finn was a little on the cranky side and lily and i were buying time until he would be tucked in.

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we were all three happily (for the time being) reading books in his room when he slid his hand down his book and let out a wail.

i told lily i thought he had a papercut and then saw quite a bit of blood coming from his finger.

being the caring big sister that she is, she was worried about him and wanted to have a good look at his finger.

after the excitement died down, she went back to enjoying her books.

moments later, lily yelled out, "i have a paker-nut!  i have a paker-nut!"

i hardly batted an eye and said "it's going to be ok, lily." (i mean seriously, i wasn't born yesterday.  i'm not falling for that one.)

she looked at me as if she couldn't believe the attention that finn had gotten in comparison but went on with her reading.

well, after we got finn settled in bed, lily and i were snuggling for a moment when she looked at me and said, "when will my paker-nut be better?"  it was then that i thought maybe i ought to check out her finger.

are you kidding me?  the girl had a huge papercut!  how is that even possible?  two papercuts within about 30 seconds of one another.

oops.  sorry lily.  you better believe that finger got some serious love from me once i realized my error! :)

(and i'm sure whit was thankful that she got to experience the whole drama live via the phone!)

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Ashley said...

Poor little ones! That hurts! But, seriously, what are the odds? That is funny...paker nut.