Monday, November 22, 2010


so, our oven caught on fire the other week.

nothing major.  i had fire extinguisher in hand and it was never employed.

but, it did make it clear that our oven needed to be repaired or replaced.

seeing how we think our oven was made in the early 1980's, and it could heat our kitchen about 15 degrees when in use AND you could boil a pot of water on the back burner just by turning the OVEN on, we thought maybe it wasn't worth putting our money into it.

so, we spent part of yesterday checking out the deals and searching for a new oven.

we were looking at a particular oven and lily noticed one next to it that was very nice ($2000 nicer) and she said, "i want this one!"

and i said, "that is a really nice oven lily, but it is not in our budget."

and she said, "maybe if you go back to work we could buy it."

yup.  maybe.  i got told.

how perceptive these kids of ours are!
she did agree later that it was much nicer for me to be at home with them than working.  phew! :)