Sunday, March 6, 2011


As many of you know, Court was admitted to the hospital on Friday. Her OB monitored her for a while there, but there were some disconcerting fetal heart tracings while she was there and so she was transferred to the bigger hospital in our town. She is on medication to prevent her from contracting, but she is still bleeding and requiring transfusions. They are pushing us towards C-section but she is only 27 weeks which brings about a lot of potential complications for the baby. We just ask for your prayers in this time of uncertainty-specifically for Court and the baby's safety. Especially we are just praying that if any way possible, the bleeding and contractions would stop and that she would be able to go home with the baby safe and sound.
Ry, Court, Lily, Finn and the Baby


Whitney said...

i love you guys so so much!

Callie said...

praying for you all!