Tuesday, March 1, 2011


my handsome boys...sometime last year.

ryan has long claimed that march is the best month of the year.

i used to dispute this claim vehemently.  i mean, c'mon, the months that you are deeper into spring are just glorious.  and what's not to love about the summer months?  delicious!

but, he always had good reasons why he loved march.
one of which, was of course, his birthday.
followed by march madness.
then spring break.
and the weather warming up.

i must say, he makes a good case for the month.

and this month, we are praying our baby makes it to it's 30th week, all sweetly tucked in.  and that will feel like a huge victory.

and, as much as i love the other spring and summer months, i am someone who loves delayed gratification and the promise of good things on the horizon.

so, march this year is feeling like it might be one of the best months.

welcome march!

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Whitney said...

it is going to be great!