Saturday, March 19, 2011

two nights ago we called the NICU when we were going to bed to check on crosby.

the unit coordinator patched me through to crosby's nurse.

i said, "hey, this is courtney.  i just wanted to check on crosby."

and she said, "you will NEVER believe it!  you will NEVER believe it!  she is such a princess!!  she is just such a princess!"

and i said, "crosby?  she??"

and she said, "yes!  she is just such a princess!"

and i said, "well, crosby is a boy."

and she said in a very flustered voice, "i am so sorry.  i am so sorry.  i thought you were mrs. lewis."


i guess we have to be able to find the humor in it all, right? :)


Ashley said...

That is so funny! Look at his cute little hat. I love it! See you in a couple days!!!

Jana said...

What a great picture! Precious little guy ~ Love the snapshot of this week of love and miracles. Thinkng of you. ox ~

Megan said...

Love the pics and stories court and ry! He already looks different, they change so fast! Hope his tummy is feeling better today...xox