Sunday, October 9, 2011


i have been in denial that summer is over.  

even though lily is back in school and fall activities have arrived.

even though the evenings have been cooler.

even though we are well into october.

i have denied it's presence.  but, this weekend, it finally hit me that it is autumn.  and it actually felt good.

we went to a crosby's first soccer game and it was so much fun.  lily and finn LOVED running around the grassy field and finn kept saying how much he wanted to "play soccer down there."  (music to ryan's ears!)

we were so fortunate to have our picture taken with cav man. lily had to be convinced to get in the photo.
and then she had one THOUSAND questions about him afterwards. 
"why is his mouth like that?"
"why does he wear those boots?"
"why are his hands white?"
"why didn't he talk?"
"where is his horse?"

we finally realized we had to explain it was just a regular old man in there wearing a costume.  then, these questions ensued...
"where does he live?"
"is he cav man every day?"
"what type of car does he drive?"
"does he drive a car and ride a horse?"
"is he really a nice man?"
it's gonna be a while before we can visit you, disney world!

but, being at the soccer game really made it feel like an autumn night.  it was wonderful.

then, last night, as we drove over the mountain to go camping and we saw how much the leaves were changing, it felt like fall.  
and when we were surprised by how much colder it was there in the night, it really felt like fall.

crosby was a champ on his first camping adventure and lily and finn loved it.  

it was cooler than we anticipated, but we had a blast.  this morning, at 5:45 when finn woke us all up, lily almost threw a fit because she didn't want to have to leave and wanted to stay again tonight.  

(finn was thrilled for this picture!)
welcome, autumn!

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Meredith said...

How fun that you all went camping together! Definitely memories they will treasure :)