Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i have been MIA as of late.  but, i have a really good excuse.

the kids and i have been traveling a bit in the last few weeks for lots of celebratory reasons.

crosby and i went to denver to meet my amazing new nephew, diego!

it was so much fun to have a weekend with whit and ash. (you can catch whit's description of it here...and yes, i am mowing the lawn in a skirt...)  it made me miss them so very very much!

and i was able to celebrate chris and katie's beautiful wedding at IU.  it was beautiful and amazing.  congrats!!!

and in the meantime, we spent lots of time in z'ville soaking up love from family. i was remiss in catching most of it on film, but it was wonderful...

skippy got behind-the-scenes passes for us to the zoo.  the kids thought it was amazing.

i never knew walruses were so smart and loveable!!

and kathy, grandma pat, brandon, nakita and colin spent lots of time showering lily and finn in love while crosby and i went to denver.

we love and miss you all!!


Laura said...

Yippee. I especially love the pictures of the sisters and the boys (minus Finn)! (Especially especially the picture of Whitney and Ashley with Crosby and Diego!)

Whitney said...

ahhhh i wish it wasn't OVER! miss you :) q