Tuesday, October 25, 2011

::our little warrior::

on sunday, ryan, duke and i completed the tough mudder.

let me tell you...it was tough.

but amazing.

we traversed about 10 miles up and down wintergreen's mountains all while completing 25 obstacles.
we climbed over walls.  we dove into pools of ice water.  walked balance beams precariously placed over pools.  hung from cargo nets.  walked through fire (literally).  swung (and did not fall) from monkey bars.  and  ended with a bang as we ran through 10,000 volts of electricity.

it took such mental grit and camaraderie.  i never could have completed it without ryan and duke.  we each helped one another at various points and we all had our tough and weak moments.  we were able to help total strangers and encourage people we had never met before.     

it was one of the hardest things i have physically endured.

but, it was nothing in comparison to what crosby (and duke) went through in the NICU.  we were so thankful to be able to raise money to support the march of dimes all in thanks to generous donations from our family and friends.  and we were so thankful to be able to give back in a tiny way for all the care crosby received while in the NICU.  and it could not have meant more to us that duke came all the way here to be a part of our team, to support us, and to help contribute to the goal of giving back to the march of dimes.

it felt so full circle to complete the course together, especially with duke by our side.  to see his strength and health as we worked together gives me such hope for the man crosby will be one day.

thank you duke and ryan for being such an amazing team.

and thank you so very much to our friends and family for helping us to give back to those who supported us so much this spring.  we could not have made it without you.

thank you.
the start line.  do you see duke?  second row back, blue shirt, red headband.

how amazing are these guys?  whole course in suits?!

the finish!

us at the crack of dawn.  and clean and shiny.  not for long...

crosby, we love you so very much.  your grit and toughness inspire us each and every single day.  we love you, little warrior!

and of course, lily and finn.  we adore you.  sporting our team LFC apparel pre-race...


Sam said...

You guys are unreal! Loving the team LFC apparel too

Whitney said...

yaaaay!!! this post brought tears to my eyes! Crosby will definitely be mudder material someday :) GOOD JOB!

PS I am at the apple store getting my phone fixed and the people using the laptops around me are looking at me funny. who cries at the apple store?

Josie Decker, RN said...

Ahh! Love it! You guys are so hard core! and yet your core is so tender and compassionate. So beautiful. And Whit, I teared up too a little.