Tuesday, January 3, 2012

::christmas extravaganza:: (a photo recap)

we had an amazing whirlwind trip to z'ville for christmas.  it was absolutely wonderful to be surrounded by family and it was so hard to say goodbye.  we had two christmas parties, two christmas celebrations, weddings, time with friends and lots of precious time with family.  thank you so much to all of our family for making it such a beautiful christmas!

i missed capturing some of the highlights on film, but here is a little recap of our time at home...

 getting ready to head to the christmas eve service.

 it was so wonderful to get to meet baby quinn and it was awesome to have all of these colony woods kids together!  hard to believe that between us we have 8 kids!  so good to see you, wrights and smiths!

 wonderful christmas celebrations.

and one of the best parts was seeing our kids with griffin and diego.  they loved being together and lily loved corralling the boys and looking out for them.  i LOVED hearing griff call lily "ninnie"...it immediately took me back 3 years to when lily called herself that.  so very sweet...

we love you all so much.  

happy new year!

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Whitney said...

youre missing a very important photo featuring sir samuel's artwork.