Sunday, January 29, 2012


oh my sweet lily! 

happy happy birthday!  it is so hard to believe that five years ago you made your beautiful entrance into this world.  i can hardly remember my life without have brought so much joy and love into our lives.  we are so unbelievably blessed to be your parents.

as you turn five, you are filled with spunk, personality, compassion, tenderness and sensitivity.  you are the most amazing big sister and are constantly teaching and loving your brothers.  they both adore you with all that they are and absolutely love being in your presence.

you have grown so much over the last year and i am amazed to see all you are learning on a daily basis.  your heart is so big and has so much love and care for all those around you.  it is so much fun to see you becoming such a big and independent girl and i am so excited for what this year holds for us.

we love you with all that we are.  you are such a gift to us.

happy birthday, lily lu!!


your mama and daddy

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Whitney said...

ohhhh happy birthday my love lily loo!