Monday, January 30, 2012


we are so thankful for an amazing week we just spent with family at the beach.  

it was beautiful in every way.  finn and lily spent lots of time in the "deep deep" with their aunts and uncles.  crosby received so much love from everyone.  we all enjoyed lots of beverages pool side and loved every minute of sunshine that was poured down upon us.  it was blissful and passed by far too quickly.

but, as finn told lily while we were there, you have to "enjoy your life."  so, even though it was so hard to leave, we enjoyed every minute of it while there and are going to enjoy thinking back on it now that we are home.

thank you, smith family for a amazing vacation!!!!


Whitney said...

oh my goodness! how beautiful!

Ashley said...

Love all the pics...but the one of Lily in the wind is one of my favorites ever. Lovely, indeed.

Katy said...

oh, take me there!! :) what wonderful pictures. beautiful!!