Thursday, August 23, 2012


tonight, lily and i had a very precious date as we attended her "back to school rumble" to meet her teacher and get ready for her first day of kindergarten.

it was such a sweet time to give her my full attention and take in as much as we could before her first day begins.  the school had free snow cones for everyone, the marching band was performing lots of celebratory songs, and everyone was ready to answer all of our pressing questions.  lily is so excited about her teacher and as we were driving home from our dinner and ice cream date, she said, "i wish i could go back to school right now."  my heart could not have been happier.

i am praying for a year that instills the love of learning, a sense of confidence and a feeling of joy and excitement about school.  how can my baby be this big??  i know she is going to have a great first day!  hopefully finn and crosby and i will be able to manage without her! :)

getting ready to be a "twain tiger" with mr. twain.


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Alexandra Howden said...

have a great first day lily!!! love you :)