Thursday, August 2, 2012


who would have ever thought that three bibers would find themselves living in texas this year?  

we are so thankful (and blessed) that duke has been working at a camp in texas this summer and has had this week to spend with us as he finished out his job.

i have loved his company as ryan has been working lots and my kids have been loving "playground duke."  he was worn out from working so hard at camp...but i am not sure that his week here has been restful!

duke, thank you so much for spending this time here with us.  we have loved every minute of it and are so sad for you to head back east!

and we can't wait for sammy to be in texas on saturday!

brothers are so great!  (how lucky is lily??) :)

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Whitney said...

lovvvvvvvveee that second pic!!!