Monday, August 27, 2012

::my heart::

today, as i dropped lily off for her first day of kindergarten, a piece of my heart went with her. 

i can hardly believe my baby is in elementary school.  but, i was so proud of her as she walked and skipped the whole way to school.  

last night, it took her almost 2 hours to fall asleep and i wished i could have taken all of her first day jitters away.  but, this morning, she had such a cheerful heart and was very ready for the big adventure.  i almost couldn't bear it this morning when finn kept saying, "please don't go lily.  i will miss you so much!" and she kept reassuring him that she would be home soon and would teach him everything she learned today.  

as i packed her lunch last night, i felt so nostalgic for my mom.  i wrote lily a little note to put in her lunchbox and it immediately took me back to the notes my mom put on our napkins every day of school...yes, even through high school!  and i remember even though sometimes i was a little embarrassed that i had a handwritten note from my mom in my lunchbox, it always filled me with such peace knowing that my family would be waiting for me with loving arms at the end of each school day.  i am praying that lily's day is filled with such joy and wonder and excitement about learning and that she knows without a doubt we are waiting here for her with eager excitement.  

and again i thought of my mom last night as we picked out lily's school clothes and laid them out before she went to bed.  picking out our outfit was a ritual i loved with my mom when i was younger.  while we got her clothes all ready, she said, "mama, i have to be sure to wear the cross necklace daddy got for me.  i told him i would wear it and know how much he loves me all day long."  my sweet sweet girl.  

i know there will be much adjusting over the next few weeks, but i am so excited to see her grow this year.  

happy first day of kindergarten, sweet lu!  

special breakfast chosen by the kindergartner

after school update:
when i picked lily up, she had the biggest smile on her face.

when we got home, finn said, "lily, do you remember how much you missed me."
she patted him on the shoulder and said, "oh yes, finn!"
and they ran outside to play "school."

my heart is full.


Ashley said...

AWW! I can't believe it! Sweet girl. I hope she loves her first day!!

Sam said...

I'm so proud of you Lily!

LaNell said...

Wow! I am so happy it was a great day for Lily. It brought tears to my eyes! What a treasure these little ones are! Wow! I was especIally glad to read the after school update. Sweet Finn.

Whitney said...

ahhh she is so big!!!! i love her soooo much!!!! i wish I could have been there!!!