Thursday, June 6, 2013


della may smith
5 june 2013
7:59 am
8 lbs 
19 1/2 inches

oh miss della.

we are absolutely in love with you.

you are such a gift and blessing to our family already.  your birthday was the perfect perfect day.

my water broke around 1:30 am on wednesday morning.  i tried to rest until 2:30 when the contractions started.  once they started, they were about every 3-4 minutes.

once i realized you were going to make your entrance, my mind started spinning with things i wanted to take care of.  i told your daddy that we were going to have a baby soon and i got up to do laundry and clean and do dishes.  i showered around 3:30 and the contractions became much closer together. 

 i was hoping labor would last a while so that lily, finn and crosby could sleep longer and we would not have to wake the kovacs  up early to help us watch them.  but, by 4:30, i realized you were going to make an entrance sooner than i realized!  ryan got up to get ready and i was still determined not to wake anyone up before 6.  but, by 5:30, he had the wisdom to tell me we needed to start moving toward the hospital.  i am so thankful that he knows me so well to know that we should not wait much longer!  he swiftly got lily, finn and crosby up and dressed.  finn was so excited for you to come that he could not stop smiling and patting my back.  and lily was so excited and nervous for your entrance!

pam was amazing and got to our house swiftly to pick them up for the morning.  we could not be more thankful for their generosity in watching your siblings for those very early morning hours and providing our kids with such a sense of security during such an exciting time!

we made it to the hospital at 6:45 and got checked in.  i was 6-7 cm and i could tell that you were going to come soon!  they had to start antibiotics, but otherwise let me labor on my own.  after we were there for about 30 minutes, i felt like i was getting close, and i was told i was at 8 cm.  after about 10 more minutes, i told them that i thought it was time and i was at 10 cm and ready to push!

you were so ready to make your entrance!  you came out in such a hurry with only two pushes and they kept telling me to slow down!  but, you had plans of your own!  you were ready to meet the world!

when you were born, the doctor announced that you were a girl.  your daddy and i were absolutely shocked and tears of joy and adoration just streamed down my face.  you are such a perfect gift from the Lord to our family!  we truly could not believe we were blessed with another sweet, perfect daughter.  lily and finn were positive the entire pregnancy that you were going to be a girl -- and they were beside themselves to meet you yesterday.

as i look at you today, i am absolutely overwhelmed by the Lord's goodness--

i never would have thought we would be able to get pregnant naturally.  
i had so much trepidation about being pregnant after crosby's tumultuous pregnancy. 
and i never thought that our family would be blessed with another little girl.

God is so good. 
and so very faithful.

you are amazing, della may.

we adore you. 

hapy birthday!


David Biber said...

Beautiful family!
Love y'all. Skippy

Pam said...

What a beautiful account of Della's entrance into the world. Congratulations Smith family!

Josie Decker, RN said...

Oh this is sooo sweet! I'm just so happy for you guys. Tears of joy! Welcome Della May, what a beauty! Congrats Lily, Finn, and Crosby on your baby sister!