Thursday, June 6, 2013

::kindergarten thankfulness::

i can hardly believe my sweet girl is becoming a 1st grader.  where did the time go?  how is it possible she could be this big?  

as she completes kindergarten, i am so proud of her.  it has been so beautiful to see her grow this year - physically, socially, academically.  the year has had it's ups and downs, but she has worked so hard to be brave in difficult situations, to stretch past old boundaries, to try new things.  i think back on the first week of school and the things that terrified her and my heart overflows to think of how far she has come.  

we have loved mark twain elementary.  it will hold a very dear place in my heart forever.  her teacher, ms. fromen, is absolutely amazing.  at least once a week, lily would tell me that she is "the best teacher in the world."  i will forever be abundantly thankful that lily was placed in her class this year and that the start of our family's school journey began on the most positive note.

congratulations, my sweet nin!  we love you so very much!

end of the year party with sweet friends.

first day of kindergarten.

last day of kindergarten.  photo compliments of duke - since we were otherwise detained. :)
sorry we weren't there for your last day, big girl1  but so excited you are a big sister again!

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