Wednesday, June 26, 2013


sweet finn,

how is it possible you are four??  some days i feel like it was just yesterday that i was so anxiously awaiting your arrival and doing everything i could think of to urge you along.

and other days, it seems like you have been four for a while already.

you are such a sweet big brother and are always looking out for anyone who is younger than you. you have the most inquisitive mind and love all things factual.  you constantly compliment lily and love spending time together.  you have so much patience and do things on your own time...and it has been such a beautiful lesson in patience and smelling the roses along this journey of life.

you have been looking forward to "june 26th" for months on end and we are so excited to celebrate you today.  you bring so much love, wonder and amazement to our family.  

today, as we celebrate you turning four, i am realizing how big you truly are as i have started to refer to you and lily as "the big kids."  

you are such a gift to our family and we adore all that you are, finn wiley smith.

we love you so very, very much!

happy fourth birthday, finn!!!

pam and jason so generously threw a joint party for finn and jack's fourth birthday.  it was filled with all things boy -- lots of cars, swimming and eating delicious food.  thank you, kovac family!!!

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