Friday, May 21, 2010


today we went strawberry picking in the foothills of the shenandoahs with our friends kathryn, savannah and caroline.

i don't think i have picked strawberries since i was a child. i had forgotten how delicious they are straight out of the field. amazing.

lily told me as i was tucking her in for her nap that she "really really loved picking strawberries." evidence of this love was found all over her face, fingers, shirt and skirt. true love it was.

even finn got in on the action. he devoured handfuls of his first strawberries to his delight.

when we returned home, i made strawberry jam. it is vibrant and looks delicious. i think ryan's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are going to be extra special this summer.

and although i am sure my jam pales in comparison to hers, i thought of granny sloo the entire time i smashed and stirred. i only wish she could have been here to share her secrets with me.

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Whitney said...

bah! lily is so big