Wednesday, May 12, 2010

::the chief::

our sweet guy. excitement is always palpable with him... and i love it!

and lily getting more and more confident with each passing day.

don't you remember the thrill of learning to ride a bike?

i will never forget my dad taking me to sugarbush to
really learn how to ride a two wheeler.

i was learning on a fancy-hand-me-down-three-speed from my bestie, sarah. it was such a cool bike. and my dad took me down a hill that was larger than life (at least in my mind). i remember rushing down the hill so fast that i thought for sure i would have a terrible wreck. my handlebars were shaking and i was almost out of control...but not quite. because i came to the end of the hill and was able to regain composure and start to pedal again. and i remember being so proud of myself in that moment.

i LOVE that we are starting to create moments like that with our own children.

what a thrill parenting is.


Whitney said...

ah i'm obsessed

Ashley Guzman said...

I can just feeeeel the excitement!