Tuesday, May 4, 2010


we made some additions to the garden yesterday.
i am hoping i remember to water them.

this is the most excited i have been about our gardening endeavors and i think lily is even more excited than i.

last year, ry brought home some prized plants for us to grow that one of his attendings had bestowed upon him. it was very generous, but along with the plants, came a huge responsibility of keeping her updated on their progress and not killing them in the meantime. mind you, i was weeks away from delivering finn and i was worried about my ability to keep another human alive... the thought of ensuring these additional plants didn't die almost made me cry! so, this year, i approach the garden with much less trepidation!

here's to hoping for gardening success in our backyard!

and a sad sign of the times... we have had this birdhouse for years with very little activity. this year, it is bustling with birds but it seems they have built their next inside with litter. sad.


Ashley Guzman said...

Well, look at little Dorothy. Off to Oz you go!

4Godalone said...

Hi Court!
I have thought of you so many times. It took some "detective" work to find your blog and I have LOVED reading all about you, Ryan, Lilly and Finn. You have a super family and doing such awesome things to raise your children.....for God and the Ecosystem. Wish I could have a redo! and follow your examples.
I would love to talk to you sometime, my cell phone is still 317-753-4274 and our home number is 205-408-0827. Best to catch me on the cell though. One thing I would like to ask is we have a really sweet couple in our Small group from our church and their oldest daughter is graduating from a Christian university this Sunday in Arkansas and has been accepted to UVA Law School. I know they would love you all and visa versa. I can give you their names when we talk. They also would be so grateful for "hints" on where Tiffany might live and the usual settling in of places. You know the good ole` ins-and-outs. I would LOVE to see you all someday. I spent a lot of last year in Southern VA as my Dad had cancer and died Dec. 15th. I will be back to help my mother move either to Oak ridge, TN where my brother lives or here to Birmingham. We can catch up more when you have time to cal. Or send me your number and I can call you. But in that, you know when your best time would be with two precious little ones.
I still love you,
marcia & fox

ps, I still use mfoxworthy@aol.com as my main email.