Thursday, May 27, 2010

::school year::

i can hardly believe that this is lily's last day of school!

as she was requesting her "balloon dress" (which she also wore on tuesday, mind you) this morning, she looked at me and said, "it has gone so quickly!" i echo your sentiments, lily!

she keeps telling finn how excited he should be since they will get to "play together alllllll day long now!" and while i am sure finn is excited, i am even more so. it will be great to have each other's company every day and to enjoy slower paced mornings. i do adore summer.

and even though i am excited, a small part of me aches.

this seems monumental.

i cannot believe we have finished a whole school year. it makes my sweet lily seem so big. i almost wish i could stop time and suspend this precious age and this beautiful stage of our lives. but, i am reminded that each stage we have passed through comes with new joys and excitement. and so i look forward to the next year with eagerness.

thank you, miss betty and miss beckett for an amazing first school year!!

(lily's first day of school)

(lily's last day of school)


the hammocks said...

beautiful lily!! today is ava's last day too! i totally feel the same happy ache...time is flying!!

Ashley Guzman said...

She looks so much older! I do love her first day of school expression. Ha!

Whitney said...

so big!!

crsindy said...

So cute! And you are right the time goes TOO fast!!!