Thursday, June 17, 2010

::lessons learned::

things i've learned today:

1) why do i buy toys for my kids? seriously.

we've had an influx of boxes arriving at our house with father's day and finn's birthday on the horizon. the last two days, my kids have been playing in/with the boxes for hours. literally hours. today lily and finn spent the bulk of their waking hours in the box together. and i loved every minute of it.

2) why do i buy new fabric to try to sew things?

when we were home, my mom and dad both gave me some clothes. my mom gave me some skirts she wasn't wearing often and my dad gave me a beloved pair of seersucker shorts that had gotten a hole in a place that was beyond repair.

i was inspired today to turn some of the clothes into things for my kids. lily got three new skirts and finn got a very broken in pair of pants. and sewing from clothes is SO much easier than sewing from raw fabric! half of the seams were already taken care of and the lines were already straight! i added some lace to one skirt, an extra layer to another (from a thin tea towel) and created some fun new garments!

ash and i have made a few pairs of pants for our boys from upcycled shirts, but i am going to have to do this much more often. i turned out four clothing items in under two hours, thanks to the bulk of the work already having been done for me! it was a great way to reuse something and i think that thrift stores and our closets are going to be seeing more of my business for sewing needs now! yaay!

3) why do i fret about our menu so much when i should just let the foods that are in season lead the way?

we have a bumper crop of green and yellow beans thanks to the farm co-op we joined this year. i had no great plans for dinner tonight, but after picking up our veggies, i was inspired by our fresh foods and by a recipe kathy made for us when we were home. it is so true that fresh food of the season are so much more delicious than foods that are out of season. i need to try to remember this simple lesson when planning our meals.

it's the small things! :)


Whitney said...

love the clothes! make something for me next!?

the hammocks said...

those clothes are so so cute. you have inspired me to try something similar! is elastic as scary as i imagine?