Sunday, June 6, 2010

one step forward. two steps back.

lily has been potty trained for quite a while.
she has done well with it.
her bladder control is impeccable.
but, as of late, we've slid backwards a bit...

after weeks of being dry at night, we transitioned to underwear. well, for some reason, we are unable to remain dry anymore...i think it is because she knows if she is dry in the morning, she will have to get up and go to the bathroom. so, it is way better to get up in the morning without any obligations, right? back to the drawing board...

then, the other day during naptime, she was suddenly hysterical. i go into her bedroom to find that my child had gone right ahead and pooped in her bed. what?!? how is that possible?
well, let me tell you...she decided to take her underwear off and squatted. yes. squatted in her bed. and how do i know that? she told me. DISGUSTING. it was a good thing ryan was not home because he does not deal well with poop. the joys of mothering.

and then, on friday we were traveling to indiana to visit family.
all was going well on the trip until it was urgent for my daughter to go to the bathroom.
well, we were in the middle-of-nowhere-ohio and i drove for several miles with a hysterical daughter with no bathroom in sight.
i certainly did not want a wet carseat. and, lily had proved she was worthy of squatting. so, why not?

i pulled over onto a well protected stretch of road and opened up both car doors to create a nice little barrier.
lily was having a hard time visualizing what i wanted her to do. so, what's a mom to do but demonstrate?
so, i dutifully showed her the art of squatting and got cleaned up with a baby wipe.

i stood over her shoulder waiting for several minutes before she asked for a little privacy.
so, i stepped to the side of the car door and stood nearby waiting.
lily started humming a little tune and i thought that we were definitely in business.
so, i peeked down to see how progress was going and noticed lily was detailing the interior baseboards of our car with my used wipe.

awesome, lily. awesome.

well, let me tell you, that was the end of our squatting endeavor.

parenting is never without little thrills, is it??

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sara baker said...

i am literally laughing out loud at this. lily needs to take some lessons from whit because she is a pro at squatting, esp on the morning runs :)